As transcribed from my journal (apologies for the weird formatting)

First mic (wireless)
First international performance
First walk out (2)
First Fringe
First seven shows in a row (one/day)

First rake stage (for …like nobody’s watching)

first real review

first snorkel

first indian ocean

first southern hemisphere

first New Zealand (layover)

first Australia

first extended hostel stay

first five-performance night (as audience)

first watering-hole

first 2:00 AM chinese food

first zero pre-sales

first street juggling

first flyering

first making a flyer

first consecutive 4:00AM + evenings

first Guiness World Record (observed)

first jazz club (visit)

first cabaret (seen)

first time doing …like nobody’s watching w/ “Nightclub” section

first 10:00 PM + performance

first guest spot on live late night

first instagram marketing w/ hashtags (they totally help)
I met people from:





Australia (duh)

South Africa

Scandinavian countries
first holding bandage on head wound

first “I-think-this-guy-is-gonna-die”

first riding in a car driving on the left side of the road

first shark sighting

first Australia Day

first …like nobody’s watching curtain speech (at open and close of show)

first indigenous land acknowledgement in said curtain speech

first being told to cover up because the loin cloth is indecent

first seeing southern stars