My first week in Australia I would walk around, look at posters for other shows, and think to myself, I wish my show [fill in the blank with whatever the poster I saw advertised]. I wished I was an acrobat. I wished I had thought of the ideas for the shows that seemed inventive. I wished that I had won the awards and gotten the reviews that the other shows had. I wished that my show was bigger and more expensive, since those people seemed to look more legitimate and then at least I wouldn’t be all alone in Australia. And then one day I saw that big old TV in the plaza, and I wished that I had the budget for big advertisements that would move tickets. 

And the hilarious part of all this is that it actually turned out to be totally free to add your show to the rotation of posters that would pop up on the screen. Totally free. But then I never did it, because it was like a minor technical/formatting challenge and I’M INSECURE ABOUT MY FLEDGLING GRAPHIC DESIGN SELF-PROMOTION!